One of the best-known landmarks in England, The Tower of London is famed for the Crown Jewels, the Beefeaters, and the Ravens that have stood guard for centuries. It’s also famous as being a prison, where torture and execution took place. Left in its wake is a cast of celebrity ghosts, including Guy Fawkes, Anne Boleyn, a grizzly bear, and something called the Nameless Thing.


Let’s together look at the history and hauntings, and ask just How Haunted is the Tower of London?

Chillingham Castle is considered one of the most haunted places on planet earth. The 800-year-old fortress is home to a terrifying cast of ghosts such as the Blue Boy and the castle torturer John Sage. 

Let’s look at the history, hauntings, and find out what would happen when Rob would lead a small team of ghost hunters into the heart of Northumberland, to spend a night inside one of the scariest places on earth?

Does this imposing castle deserve the infamous reputation it has earned?

Let’s find out together when we ask How Haunted is Chillingham Castle?

The oldest building in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is the Castle Keep and Black Gate of the Castle Garth. Dating back almost 1000 years, the castle has long been considered to be the most haunted building in the city, with the best known resident being the Poppy Girl. 

We will look at the history and hauntings of the magnificent old castle, and what will happen when Rob conducts a paranormal investigation within the stone walls of the ancient fortress?

Let’s find out together, when we ask How Haunted is the Castle Keep? 

In this inaugural episode of How Haunted? lets look at the darker side of the graveyard as we look at the dangerous Mackenzie Poltergeist of the Covenanter’s Prison.

We’ll delve into the history the ghost stories, and what would happen when Rob was able to spend some time all alone in the Black Mausoleum, the site of over 4000 physical attacks by the violent phantom?

Find out when, together, we ask How Haunted is Greyfriars Kirkyard?