About Me

Born and bred in the north-east of England, Rob Kirkup is an author, paranormal historian, and a ghost hunter with over 20 years’ experience. His first foray into the world of paranormal investigations occurred on the scariest night of the year; Halloween, in 2002.  Rob led a small team of fellow first-time investigators to the creepy wilderness of Talkin Tarn, an ancient glacial lake in Cumbria, after fortuitously being selected to be an on-the-spot ghost hunter for a late-night local radio show’s Halloween special.


Twenty years on, and Rob has appeared on dozens of radio shows, written numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and had a number of books published. During those two decades, he has spent countless nights in absolute darkness at some of the most haunted places in the UK, and has experienced the inexplicable.

So, turn off the lights, get comfortable and allow me to be your guide as we dare to explore some of the most haunted placed in the world, and encounter the ghosts, spectres, and poltergeists said to lurk within.